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Once you download AutoCAD for Mac you'll soon see that it has nothing to envy of the Windows version. It has exactly that same functions and is totally adapted to Apple's system. The great advantage of using the original AutoCAD on Mac is that you'll now have total compatibility with the DWG files generated with any AutoCAD regardless of the platform on which they were created. 3D modeling maps and designs in a single program With its advanced system that includes 3D modeling shadowing and a vast amount of plug-ins add-ons and programs that appear to increase its functions AutoCAD is the perfect application for any designer that has to create blueprints on a Mac. Furthermore it's compatible with 3D printers. A complete tool ideal for architects and engineers. AutoCAD is a synonym of industrial design software and 3D modeling and of powerful expensive tools that any professional from most technical fields must learn to use. For a long time AutoCAD has been a very important software application but it hadn't been available for Mac. Due to the huge increase of Apple users this has now changed.

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