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As mobile phones and other gadgets have evolved many of them have gained support for multimedia files. And in the case of Apple they offer us the possibility to enjoy videos on the iPod iPhone and most recently the iPad. Video Monkey offers us a valuable tool to be able to easily enjoy our videos in the appropriate format for these devices. Make your videos compatible with your phone This tool allows you to change the video format in a very easy way. It is only necessary to add the videos that we want to transcode with support for many of the most important formats to choose the output format and start the conversion. Furthermore the application will offer us quite a lot of information about each video (title description size length audio) both before and after it has been converted. As well as all this Video Monkey also includes a multimedia player that will allow us to view the videos thus making it even easier to see if we have selected the one that we wanted. So from now on nothing is going to hamper you when it comes to viewing your videos on your favorite device. Download Video Monkey and forget about wasting time with complicated conversion programs.

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