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Although it's true that for many years eMule and other P2P programs that make use of the eDonkey network have been user's favorites each day there are more Internet users that choose to use the BitTorrent protocol to share files with other users. An easier and more efficient way to download files. If you want to take part in file exchanges with other users the best option is to install a program like this one on your computer specially if you take into account that it is considered the first client developed for the network of the same name. An easy-to-use application to download torrents Using it is very intuitive. To be able to download films documents applications ... all you have to do is add to the application the URL of the corresponding torrent files that you can find on several specialized websites. Thus you have a simple way to share all sorts of files on the Internet specially large-sized files. For greater ease this BitTorrent client also has an integrated search engine that will automatically open a window in your default with the related torrent files.

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