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If you want to keep things simple when it comes to watching movies on your Mac this application is a great option as it offers you a simple and straightforward interface to play your audiovisual contents. It supports all sorts of video formats even in HD as well as the possibility to add subtitles. You can also obviously play CDs and DVDs. Amongst its options you can quickly access the possibility to open new contents or even URLs from its main menu. There you've also got the possibility to choose the tracks or languages supported in each video. With regard to other options you can also change the size (there are five different options) and you can even choose to view a particular area of the screen where to play the video. These are the different alternatives available: Full screen. Half of the normal size. Normal size. Double. Adjusted to the screen. Basic yet efficient program to play all formats straight on your Mac. Is it compatible with AirPlay? As we said Mac Media Player is a rather basic software therefore it's not exactly compatible with AirPlay or any other devices of the likes of Chromecast but it does come along with a very similar interesting function. You can use your Mac as a kind of multimedia server by enabling the AirX option from the tool menu. Once activated the videos played can be viewed on other devices such as tablets or smartphones connected to the same WiFi network. You only have to access through the web browser installed on these devices the URL indicated by the program to watch the video launched from the Mac app.

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