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LaTeX files are specially developed to write scientific and technical documents that have math formulas. To convert this kind of file to HTML it's necessary to use a converter like TeX4ht. SimpleTeXht is a graphical interface developed to make using this converter a lot easier taking into account that it is usually used from the command line. Convert LaTeX files to HTML Once the software is installed you will only have to drag and drop your LaTeX files in the application's interface. After specifying the format and pressing the convert button you will have finished the process. It is also possible to convert these files to several formats like MathML TEI DocBook or ODT the OpenOffice native format something that will later allow us to convert them to DOC. This process that normally takes place from the command line terminal reaches a very high degree of simplification thanks to SimpleTeX4ht. This software is published under the LaTeX Public Project License (LPPL) being totally free. If you are a newbie in this kind of development SimpleTeX4ht will surely come in very handy. And if you have already reached a high level in the management of this kind of application don't worry: SimpleTeX4ht includes personal customization options that allow the advanced users to have deep control of the process.

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