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Quicksilver has become a basic program on many Mac computers because it is a real multipurpose tool with which it is not only possible to launch applications or open a file it can also be programmed so that it is capable of performing all kinds of processes in such a way that with a keyboard and a simple order it is possible to open iTunes and start ripping the disc that is in the drive for instance. Complete and versatile app launcher for Mac Once we have installed this application on our Mac it will index the full contents of our hard drives in such a way that it will be capable of finding any file or application on our computer to launch it. The program will also allow us to access our Safari favorites our contact list or the images in iPhoto. Furthermore it is also possible to add new functions to Quicksilver by means of plug-ins. If you think that Spotlight isn't as practical as it should and you're looking for an alternative that will allow you to quickly access any file on your Mac download and install Quicksilver.

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