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One of the problems we usually come across on any computer is not being able to find installed applications and files quick enough. This program solves this problem on Mac applying web search engine criteria to the operating system. A key to find whatever you need. Basically Alfred manages to save us time in our searches whether online or on our computer by means of shortcuts hotkeys or actions associated to the files. It does so by means of a simple interface that doesn't only offer suggestions of results but also simplifies the process of opening documents and programs without taking our hands off the keyboard. Main features Find and launch applications quickly with keyboard shortcuts. Find any document on your Mac. Search on the web and load your favorite pages. Create and import hotkeys. Access texts on your clipboard with keyboard shortcuts. Browse between files. Search in your iTunes collection. Synchronize your settings with other Macs. Don't hesitate with Alfred you'll notice how your productivity improves significantly simply applying more logic to your searches.

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