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When we think about a program to create and edit music from our computer we always come up with applications like Cubase Pro Tools or Ableton Live. But there's another alternative that's equally powerful with which we can produce music on our Mac. Reaper comes along with a set of tools to record MIDIs and multitrack audio as well as editing processing and remixing tools. Almost unlimited recording possibilities. We're not going to lie to you DAWs or Digital Audio Workstations aren't the most intuitive programs in the world especially for people who aren't used to working with them but the truth is that the possibility to drag and drop any element including VSTs and effects on the interface makes everything much easier and understandable for less expert users. Features of Reaper MIDI and audio routing with multichannel support. Internal audio processing at 64 bits. Compatible with a wide range of virtual instruments and plug-ins. Import record and render in many different formats and sampling frequencies. Hundreds of high-quality effects and the possibility to create more. Possibility to customize the interface by means of skins and change the layout of each element.

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