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Automize is an application that allows you to easily plan different tasks so that they're carried out at a specific moment. We can establish different variables when it comes to scheduling tasks so that if an event happens a certain action is carried out. We can also insert our own email address to be notified about certain events via email or to take a look from the application. Another function included allows us to register incidents on our computer and print reports if required. Everything is great... except the interface The truth is that this program demands an overhaul in terms of design as its interface is rather outdated and hard to use. Its faulty user experience can be easily solved with any tutorial downloadable from the Internet. You might consider it a problem but it shouldn't stop you from trying out this application. Improve your productivity and save time. Being able to direct everything that happens on our computer using a single tool is something that many users have been searching for and Automize has finally brought this feature to our Mac. The usefulness of this application is seen as we use it and learn new shortcuts. After a few updates the application will definitely be renovated to offer support to those users that find its interface somewhat bothersome so if you're one of them we recommend you to try it out and wait for its creators to bring out a new version.

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