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Angry IP Scanner is probably the fastest port and IP address scanner around. You can scan IP addresses within any range as well as ports. It's multiplatform open-source and very lightweight without requiring any kind of installation. If you want to scan nearby IP networks in any easy manner without needing a heavy manual or tutorial teaching you how to use this program Angry IP Scanner is exactly what you're looking for. It's very intuitive and easy to use. Main functions Scan local networks. IP range random or any format. Export the results in different kinds of files. Extensible to search engines. Usable from the command line interface. Free and open-source. Portable. What does Angry IP Scanner do? It simply pings each IP address to verify if it's still available as well as solving hostnames defining MAC addresses scanning ports... The amount of information collected can be increased by means of plug-ins and wireshark. It also offers additional functions such as NetBIOS (device name group name and Windows user) selection of favorite IP ranges detection of web servers... The scanned results can be saved in different formats: CSV TXT XML or IP-Port. With the help of a few plug-ins Angry IP Scanner can obtain any information about the scanned IPs. If you're familiar with Java you can even create a plug-in to improve the user experience.

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