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Doesn't matter what people say they're wrong: a Mac also needs protection against malware such as viruses phishing frauds and other malicious programs. We know that these threats aren't only aimed at damaging the operating system but also at the theft of personal data for economic purposes. Then why not download the best antivirus for Mac? Yes that's Avast Free Mac Security Antivirus. The best way to face the dangers of the Internet You probably already know the versions of this program for Windows PCs. It's definitely the most used antivirus in the world with over 400 million users and that has also landed on mobile platforms like Android and its APK format. And it's so popular because it offers reliable protection for the average user it doesn't demand too many resources and its functions can be managed very easily. A guarantee against the most common and sophisticated threats we'll find while browsing the Internet. Main features One of the newest features included in Avast is called Nitro a cloud management software for many of the functions of this security suite. With the latter the intention is that part of the work is carried out online so that the computer doesn't overload and avoiding that it becomes sluggish. It includes all the following features: Proactive antivirus and antimalware to try to anticipate to threats that haven't been detected yet. Block threats in real-time thanks to CyberCapture technology. Functions focused on protecting your domestic network and the information it controls. Cleans your browser removing unwanted toolbars and extensions. Built-in SafeZone browser to browse the Internet safely adding an extra layer of security against hackers and online adverts. Smart and customizable analysis of the operating system. Another important aspect of this program is its price. Yes it's totally free without having to activate a serial number or anything similar. And when the database or any element needs to be upgraded it takes care of searching and downloading the updates by itself. Which is the best antivirus? Is it Avast? Well as we said before it is. At least for normal users like you and me who aren't thinking about browsing the deep web or anything similar. Its over 400 million users and positive ratings are a guarantee.

Avast Free Mac Security Antivirus For Mac Download

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