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KeePassX is a useful tool that will allow us to have all our passwords in the same place organized and protected. We will only have to remember the programs master password and KeePassX will do the rest. Every day we have to remember many passwords: electronic mail accounts social network accounts credit cards bank accounts etc... It is very complicated to remember all of them and very dangerous to establish a single password for everything. That is why KeePassX can be of great help. The most secure place to store our passwords To start off we will have to establish the master password with which we will access the program. KeePassX has two pre-established groups to include passwords: Internet and eMail. But we will be able to add as many groups as we want. After selecting a group we will add the entries with the passwords that we want to store. If our passwords aren't secure KeePassX has a password generator that will provide us with passwords that will be very difficult to break.

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