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Finder has greatly improved in terms of usability and functionality over the years with every new version of macOS there's no doubt about it. Nevertheless some time ago developers detected its shortages and started coming up with tools to improve its performance when it came to exploring hard drives and folders. And AutoCat is a perfect example. Catalog your files automatically and keep them located This program is a tool that can be used to catalog hard drives and removable Mac units specially designed for users that usually handle a huge amount of files on different storage units. It can be integrated into Finder so that we can search and explore the catalog by means of the Find command. In other words the catalog process is also carried out automatically therefore the user only has to run this program. However this software only runs on PowerPC processors and the last computers to incorporate these chips were the Macs built in 2006. For subsequent computers that integrate Intel processors we'll have to resort to a different solution.

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