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Connecting to the Internet by means of a VPN proxy makes your connection more secure. Gain in security as well as in privacy with your connections to Wi-Fi networks with Hotspot Shield for Mac. Secure access to public Internet connections Hotspot Shield VPN becomes essential when we want to access the Internet by means of a public Wi-Fi network. This tool will increase the security and privacy of the connection and can also provide us free access to websites that are usually restricted. Browse on public networks without worries. Features Guarantee your data personal information and online purchases with HTTPS encryption. Protection against phishing. Guarantee your private browsing. Access online contents without restrictions. Protect yourself against onlookers with indecent intentions at public Wi-Fi access points such as hotels airports or universities. Efficient for both wireless and cable connections. Download Hotspot Shield free for Mac if you want to enjoy a secure and 100% private connection wherever you go.

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