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Microsoft has long decided to retire Internet Explorer its browser since the 1990s and replace it with Edge. This involves changes that are apparent in the interface which has become minimalist and clear compared to its predecessor but also when browsing: it is faster and has better privacy management. Microsoft Edge: based on Chromium Microsoft Edge is an efficient browser that takes advantage of Chromium's design and features. Its user interface stands out and usability has prevailed thanks to its more sober and minimalist (although customizable) design. It is also compatible with Google Chrome extensions. Other improvements compared to Explorer involve the operation considering that it is faster and also rationalizes data usage as well as privacy and security: users have better control over the information they share when browsing. The following is a summary of the main features that users will find in Edge Browser for Mac: Chromium-based browser. A sober and minimalist design. Higher browsing speed. Option to choose among different browser designs. Synchronizable with browsers installed on other devices: Windows iOS and Android. Greater control of user privacy. Extensible features through extensions.

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