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App Cleaner & Uninstaller For Mac Reviews

To uninstall any application from our computer it's advisable to do so with full guarantees. App Cleaner & Uninstaller is a tool with which you can remove from OS X any application or file without worries. What can App Cleaner remove and uninstall? Well almost anything because it can obviously remove any program on your computer but also the program files that were deleted previously but still remain on your computer. Scans the system searching for installed apps. Removes all kinds of files. Deletes application files installed previously. Resets applications returning them to their state of first execution. Easy-to-use shortcuts. Shows the application you use the least. The perfect complement to improve your Mac's performance App Cleaner will definitely help you to make your Mac faster and better. Basically because it can remove junk files that remain on your computer even after uninstalling programs but also due to the function it includes to return an app to its initial state just after installing it. All the latter from a simple interface and a really easy-to-use system.

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