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It's gradually becoming easier and easier to bring back to computers the games of all those old video consoles. Mainly thanks to programs such as Citra a Nintendo 3DS emulator that allows us to download in ROM format the titles of this model and play them all on our Mac. Emulate the best Nintendo 3DS games on Mac This software was a project started in 2014 that is available for Windows PC and Android as well as for Apple's computers. It comes along with a rather basic command console through which we can load the ROMs but with a high capacity to run them offering us graphics with all sorts of details. It's an open-source development with which we can bring back games of the likes of Super Mario Kart Pokémon Animal Crossing or Bravely Default amongst others. They obviously don't come along with the emulator so you're going to have to find them yourself on the Internet. It's a project that continues to evolve and doesn't work as smoothly as we'd like it to as not all games are fully compatible at present. Nevertheless every new version tries to expand the list of supported games.

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