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If you are a very tidy person and you always like having everything in the right place you will really like DesktopOK. It's a simple tool that will allow you to save the position of your desktop icons so that you can recover that position whenever you want. Thus for example when you change the screen resolution and all the icons get shifted with a simple click of the mouse you can replace all the icons back to wherever they were. Restore the position of the icons on your desktop With this application you can create a template for each screen resolution and that way you will be able to change the resolution without the icons becoming disordered. Furthermore each person that uses the computer can create a different configuration depending on their taste. It also has an autosave option that can be very useful because you'll be able to establish that the application saves the way the icons are ordered every certain amount of time. There's nothing better than having a well-organized desktop to work in better conditions and save time so download DesktopOK.

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