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As a cellphone user you must know by now that your device contains plenty of valuable information: pics videos messages music call logs documents apps... If you’re an Android user and you’ve also got a Mac you can now protect your mobile device thanks to Coolmuster Android Assistant. Back up your Android on your Mac and manage your contents This software has been designed to place on your computer’s desktop an assistant to help you create backups of the information stored on your mobile device. It’s designed with a simple user interface that makes it easier to complete tasks allowing us to create backups and restore them on our phone with a single click. But backing up our phone isn’t the only useful aspect of this software as it also allows us to manage the content of our device from our computer. You can transfer files in both directions install or uninstall applications send messages… it’s a complete assistant to improve your productivity providing you all the device management options you need right on your desktop. These are the main functions offered by this program: Export from Android to Mac your videos images music text messages call logs downloaded documents applications eBooks… You can also import them to your mobile device. Export contacts from Outlook or import them to your Mac with this program. Did you have to reset your device and restore it to factory settings? No worries: import to your device all sorts of files previously saved in a backup. Connect both devices by means of a USB cable or WiFi although in the case of going for the wireless option you also have to install Android Assistant on your smartphone or tablet. Install and uninstall Android apps from your computer. Create backups or restore them with a single click. Compatible with a wide range of mobile device makers such as Samsung HTC LG ZTE Sony… Protect yourself against any sort of accidental information loss on your mobile device by keeping backups of your Android’s data and manage all your phone’s contents straight from your computer screen thanks to Coolmuster.

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