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There are many reasons why you may find it interesting to have a Text-To-Speech application on your computer this kind of application converts any text document into read words that we can listen to with the computer's speakers or headphones. Thus it is very practical to be able to create your own audiobooks to listen to them comfortably on a portable player making it easier for visually impaired people to read or to help you study a lecture or speech. A Text-To-Speech that offers a pleasant reading experience with natural sounds Text Speaker is an application that is capable of reading any text (DOC DOCX RTF PDF HTML or TXT) and converting it to an audio format like MP3 or WAV. Moreover it includes functions to attach reminders that can later be played automatically at the selected time. To make playing the texts aloud nicer for the user it is possible to establish a series of pronunciation rules that the program will follow as well as being able to choose the voice that we like most from those that the application has available and to modify the volume speed or tempo. Likewise it's possible to buy other voices from the main interface.

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