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Magic Desktop is an operating system specially designed for children between the ages of 2 and 10 but that the majority of parents also like because it offers parental control over the programs that they use and security when it comes to browsing the Internet because they can control the sites that they have access to. A secure way for your kids to start learning to use a computer One of the advantages of Magic Desktop is that it can be installed on any computer that uses the Windows operating system and it will be the first screen that the children see when they turn the computer on and they won't have access to any of the computer's applications or files. Magic Desktop combines a series of educational applications with several games and all this with colorful and animated aesthetics that children will love. It includes an Internet browser and email manager and other educational and leisure applications: Easy Write Easy Paint Talking Parrot Easy Learning My First Music Gamepad Puzzle King Find a Match Detective Bob etc.

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