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Nowadays you can write on your computer using hundreds of different fonts and character types. But thanks to this application you can quickly access even more special fonts and characters that you can write digitally without having to remember strange keyboard combinations. Works with all applications that are currently compatible with Unicode. How does it work? Once you install it the application doesn't open like any other one. In fact that's where its name comes from it's a mini-application that runs like a pop-up so that whenever you're working with a text processor or app that requires you to write you can quickly access the fonts and characters that it offers. So that you can make the most of a much more comfortable writing experience and you can quickly access these fonts or any special character whose ASCII code or keyboard combination you can't recall PopChar allows you to configure favorites organize fonts and characters or simply carry out searches as well as letting you zoom into those characters with a magnifying glass to make sure that they are what you need. Until you manage to get hold of a PopChar licence it runs in trial mode. As it's not the usual old application we won't see its icon on the lower app bar but a black P on a gray background will appear in the top left corner to enable the program and bring it to the front. Although you can download it for free to be able to have full access to all its features and fonts available we'll have to get hold of a license. To uninstall the application you'll have to go to the options wheel in the top right corner and click on Quit. Once closed you can delete it from the Applications folder. It's compatible with Mac OS X versions from 10.6 and above. That means that it's obviously compatible with Yosemite El Capitan and macOS Sierra.

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