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If you want to make faster progress when it comes to coding your applications it's recommendable to make use of a powerful code editor. And that's where Code Writer comes in now available for users of PCs and tablets equipped with Windows. The perfect code editor for Windows. This editor stands out on the one hand for its modern and well-cared design. And on the other for being a powerful tool that can be handled fluidly. The full-screen text editing function allows us to work without distractions. Main functions Very visual design that meets the guidelines of Windows. Plenty of customization possibilities so that you can create the perfect environment. Work on full screen. Shortcuts to editing commands. Options such as search/replace go to a certain line change from upper case to lower case... Highlight syntax in over 20 languages including HTML CSS JavaScript JSON XML C# VB C++ ASP PHP Markdown Perl Python Ruby SQL... Support for printing.

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