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If the games available on the Internet no longer quench your gaming thirst you have to know that you can create your own. The solution is Game Maker a RAD tool for the rapid creation of applications focused on those users that want their own video game without having any sort of coding knowledge. You don't need to know how to code to create your own games The only limit when it comes to using Game Maker is our originality and inventiveness as its interface offers us an intuitive coding system. You only have to handle the environment's different resources such as images settings or music the actions to be developed during the game and the different objects. For such purpose you can make use of the Drag & Drop system and the application's own coding language called GML (Game Maker Language). Your only obstacle will be your originality. Features Creation of simple video games in an intuitive manner. Drag & drop system to add actions and options. Gallery of images and sounds. Possibility to export to different platforms. Download Game Maker and create shooters and platform games giving them the personal touch that you believe they deserve.

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