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The Sims were a revolution within the world of video games. The creator of this game Will Wright decided to embark on the mission of developing another title that goes even further. What about developing an entire civilization from scratch instead of a boring human life? This is precisely what Spore proposes. An excellent Darwinian experiment. Expand your frontiers Spore just like The Sims is a strategy and life simulation game with a particularity: it imitates the evolution of species. You will start off by being a tiny aquatic bacteria that must survive to then become a land-living creature that will end up being the dominant species. You have to decide on the evolution of the creatures which you can design yourself. Increase your intelligence generation after generation and develop your civilization travel to outer space to conquer other civilizations and planets and become the lord of the galaxy. Features of Spore Includes an editor of species. Covers different stages: cell creature tribal civilization and space. More than 50 000 planets to be explored. Find out what's awaiting you in the Spore adventure thanks to this video with images from the game. Dare to create your own civilization!

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