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Bootice is a tool that allows us to restore install or make backups on MBR and PBR of disks or disk images being able to partition them format them editor their sectors in hex delete all the data from a logical unit or disk filling them in with custom characters... Everything you need to manage your PC's boot process This software also offers us functions to create flash memory partitions. Any user can use it to format or create partitions on a USB for instance offering us three different format options: USB-ZIP USB-FDD and USB-HDD. These are the app's main features: Edit the Grub4DOS boot menu. Edit the BCD file on Windows NT 6.x. Format flash memories in three different formats. Bookmark an active partition and make it bootable. Make backups restore or edit the MBR and PBR settings. One of the most important aspects of this program is its design as it's equipped with a simple and straightforward interface thanks to which we can easily control and handle all its options.

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