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Nowadays meeting new people is as easy as you want. But finding someone you like that offers you something special that you like talking to that adapts to you and your likings is ever so complicated. The good thing is that you've got a new ally in the palm of your hand. Romeo is the app of the gay social network that has turned into PRomeo (Planet Romeo) so that you can access the platform from your Windows PC. PRomeo has improved the Planet Romeo experience offering you new functions. To access PRomeo the first thing to do is create an account. The amount of details you have to give is quite surprising from your sexual preferences what you're looking for (friendship relationship or sex) to an exhaustive description of your body. Well at least nobody will be in for any unpleasant surprises. Once we're logged in you can filter your searches for other users by distance activity on or offline preferences age measures personality and other more specific features. If somebody catches your eye by clicking on his photo you'll be able to find plenty more information more pictures and the possibility to start chatting with that person add him as a contact or even send emoticons that are not suitable for all ages. You require having an active Planet Romeo account. What does PRomeo offer me? Well apart from the obvious of meeting people with your same or similar interests and starting a friendship/relationship this social network offers you exclusive functions: Search for users by location finding nearby people. User profiles with detailed information. Find out who's visited your profile. Chat using hot and dirty emoticons. Use search filters to find exactly what you're looking for. Show your sexual preferences and share spicy pictures. Automatic translation of messages from users. Voice-to-text conversion. Share QuickPhrases fast and frequent messages. If you want to download PRomeo you'll need to have Windows 10 and an active Planet Romeo account.

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