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The life of a teacher can be a real mess. Loads of subjects even more kids and plenty of outstanding tasks. Planning is essential to not be driven crazy. This tool called Educamos is a weapon that teachers with organization problems and teachers that don't like to leave anything to chance can use to improve their productivity. Welcome to online educational planning. Teachers can manage classroom activities wherever they are and without requiring to be online. Each school has to register on the platform to grant access to their teachers. Once signed logged in Educamos helps teachers to organize themselves through different options: Schedule classes. Take the register. Plan the agenda. Check customized student information. What can Educamos do to help teachers out? This tool is updated and synchronized immediately to have all the information organized and classified on all your devices both on Windows and mobile phones. Create timetables to not get lost among so many classes and write down the special material you need to take home so you don't forget about anything. This program also allows you to create modify or remove tasks include notes for your students or send them private communications. Manage your meetings select colors to differentiate all your appointments and keep your agenda organized and up to date. Apart from taking the register and monitoring different incidents and events that take place at school (such as all those essays and homework eaten by dogs) you can write down comments about students and even access their personal contact information in a jiffy.

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