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When you set out to look for a program that allows the advanced editing of photos the first thing that usually springs to mind is Adobe Photoshop. The thing is that it's price despite being the best program of its nature can be a hindrance for those users that can't find everything they're looking for in the free Express version since it's ever so basic. And that's when doubts arise when it comes to searching for Photoshop alternatives. Among the most popular ones we definitely have to point out GIMP mainly due to its open-source nature but there's life beyond the concept of everything for free. And that includes PhotoScape X Pro the free version 3.7 of which you've probably heard about and that for an affordable price for any professional (this could well be your work tool) can be download for Windows 10 as well as Mac. Photo editing at anyone's reach We're definitely not talking about the easiest-to-use photo editing tool out there but in its favor we have to say that it's not the hardest neither. Its interface offers us a design that provides us with shortcuts to all its functions and if you know anything about picture editing you'll find it easy peasy without needing tutorials guides or anything similar. Many users miss a version of this app for Android in APK format as well as for iPhone. The opinions about this app are a real guarantee turning it into a very solid option if you're looking for a decent tool to process images. The following are its main features: Plenty of basic editing functions: rotation resizing cropping effects red-eye correction white balance.... Edit photos in batches... Viewer with a gallery browser function to rename files in batches and possibility to share straight on social networks and by email... Combination of images to create collages. Creation of animated GIFs. Screenshots. Printing. Ok so you can't download this full version of Photoscape for free but buying it means that it will always be updated automatically and each new update means that you can get hold of all its latest features.

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