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When it comes to customizing the operating system there are multiple options available but even though it may seem incredible one of the elements that least attention had been paid to was the customization of the logon screen. But now it is possible to use Logon Changer to place customized images. Make your operating system more personal. The logon screen is by default a screen that always has to be visited on any computer that is protected with a password and if you don't visit it it's impossible to activate the system and this is one of the reasons why it isn't a bad idea to have the possibility to change its aspect. Logon Changer is very easy to use because all that you will have to do is select the image that you want to use and the program will do the rest. Furthermore you won't have to worry about the 245 KB limit set by the system for the image used for this purpose because Logon Changer will take care of editing the image automatically to be able to use it. Download Logon Changer to be able to enjoy your favorite image on the logon screen. Logon Changer For Windows Download

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