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Puntotek will allow you to draw images or transform preset images so as to be able to embroider them later using cross-stitching. This application includes a large number of tools to create and modify any image from simple motifs to incredible adorns that will come to life thanks to the brilliant cross-stitching technique. Get your thread and needles ready! Create your cross-stitch embroideries with Puntotek With this application you will be capable to transform any image into a diagram guide with the thread that will be necessary to embroider them later. Furthermore the program has a useful color converter that calculates the equivalence of the color in the drawing with that of the thread from the main companies in the field so as to make sure that you don't miss a single detail when transferring the diagram from the screen to your cloth. Its large palette of tools means that the creation of images will only be limited by your imagination. Its different options will allow you to configure even the slightest detail about the embroidery and its size. Moreover its exclusive Puntotek Print Studio system will allow customized print outs of the guidelines for your design. Create incredible cross-stitching designs thanks to this software.

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