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PDF Split and Merge For Windows Reviews

PDF Split and Merge is a useful tool to join and divide files in PDF format. On many occasions we will find PDF files that weigh a lot and are difficult to handle. Or on the other hand we may have designed different pages and we want to join them in a single document. PDF Split and Merge is the ideal tool for this kind of task. Main features With a very simple and intuitive interface PDF Split and Merge is capable of: Joining various PDF documents or parts of them. Separating PDF files into different files for example by chapters. Extracting parts of the documents. Joining alternative pages of a file. Rotating pages of the selected documents. Changing the order of the pages of a file visually. PDF Split and Merge maintains the images and graphics unaltered when it joins them or separates them so that you don't have to worry about the files' integrity. The PDF format is very extended nowadays and PDF Split and Merge can be a very useful application to configure these files depending on your needs.

PDF Split and Merge For Windows Download

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