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Three-dimensional views allow the user to obtain a realistic and rather approximate graphical representation of the objects or elements modeled. To obtain these three-dimensional reproductions it's necessary to use one of the CAD applications that are available on the market. A simple alternative is to use myHouse. myHouse is a computer-aided design application that makes it easier to create 2D drafts of both interior spaces (living room rooms kitchens bathrooms) and exteriors (houses buildings) and all kinds of objects. At the same time it provides tools to generate the corresponding 3D representations. Main features Incorporates different specific modules for both design and 3D modeling. Quick design option QuickHouse. Possibility to use illumination effects and textures. Easy-to-design terrain. Roof and stairs designer. Includes libraries with more than 1 000 objects (trees bushes flowers kitchen and bathroom elements ...). Possibility of exporting to Google Earth. If you're thinking about renovating your home with some small improvements or even starting to build your weekend home from scratch start designing with myHouse.

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