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Do you want to generate your own playlists and play them as if you had a radio station? The traditional methods are complex and rather expensive but there's an application that simplifies this task as much as possible its name is RadioBOSS. RadioBOSS transforms a simple playlist into a real radio broadcast because it doesn't only allow us to choose the order of the songs that we want to play but it also allows us to add several effects pauses jingles etc. It even offers us the possibility to broadcast by using the Internet Broadcasting System. Main features Generate a customized radio program with your favorite audio files. Add jingles to any playlist. Possibility to implement crossfading between songs or other effects like echo or reverb. Complete control over audio volume. Easy-to-use professional solution. Includes a playlist generator and a musical database function. This application is the ideal solution to generate your own radio broadcasts automatically to create a great atmosphere for your restaurant shop etc.

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