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During the 80's Nintendo launched one of the video game consoles that would become an all-time classic NES not only due to the innovation that the machine meant but also due to the wide range of games that were made available for it where we could find real gems of video gaming history like for example Zelda Mario Bros or Double Dragon. All the games published by Nintendo at the end of the '80s and beginning of the '90s FCEUX is an emulator that will allow us to enjoy those NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) 8-bit classics but with hundreds of extra options. The emulator offers us the possibility to play on the Internet (by installing an FCEU server on one of the computers that are part of the network) the chance to load ROMS in NFS UNF and FDS formats as well as those that are in a compressed format (ZIP RAR and 7z) and the possibility to be able to record our games as video (AVI) as well as audio (WAV).

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