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Google Chrome is a web browser that can expand its functions and assume new ones by means of the installation of extensions. For instance we can use it to run Android applications thanks to a program of the likes of ARChon Runtime. Run any Android application in Google Chrome It's an extension that allows us to run Android applications in our browser. For such purpose we have to unzip the file install it on the latter by accessing the extension manager from the address bar by typing Chrome://extensions. Once there we have to enable the developer options. Now from this extension management menu we can load the folder by pressing Load unzipped extension. The extension will be immediately installed on the browser. Thanks to the latter we can run any Android application in our browser. However it might give us a few stability problems that will demand certain advanced knowledge that's not at all user's reach. Due to this reason if you don't want to complicate yourself too much you might be better off sticking to BlueStacks to run mobile apps on your computer as you only have to download the APK and drag it and drop it on the interface.

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