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How dare you to upload that photo to your social networks without applying a filter or two? Don't be so dull and add bring your photos to life. Nowadays it's easy to unleash all our creativity thanks to the wide range of photo enhancement applications and programs available. Painnt - Pro Art Filters is one those program that 16th and 17th-century artists would have loved to have back then. Turn your photos into works of art! Choose between our selection of over 170 filters including classic comic modern abstract and mosaics. The icon of this tool that will remind you of the The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai introduces you to all the good things you can expect about the latter. It's simple discreet and practical although maybe slightly slow Painnt is the ideal tool to insert and modify artistic filters on your images. Don't expect an image treatment program or an editor but it only contains filters but it meets its promises. Filters for all likings Its over 170 different filters updated on a regular basis are split into categories with rather descriptive names: Free daily. New. Classic. Material. Modern. Mosaic. Nature. Sketches. Psychedelic. Once you choose any filter you'll be able to modify its most basic features (transparency brightness contrast saturation and hue) the color composition details such as noise hardness and softness and the size of the brush. Furthermore it allows us to add a square of the size of our choice so to see the real-time before and after of our work. The free version includes adverts and watermarks. But for a very reasonable price you can hide both elements as well as being able to unlock the high-resolution mode and even more filters.

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