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Mini Football Head Soccer For Windows Reviews

Football is one of the most entertaining and fun sports around. But it can be even better especially if you put on the pitch loads of tiny big-headed players as in Mini Football Head Soccer. Better than FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer? Well it's hard to say whether Mini Football Head Soccer is better or not; the truth is that if you like football you're not going to be bored. You can play against national teams from all over the world and the best clubs in exciting matches between fat-headed players with different game modes. A real challenge. A touch of humor for an already entertaining sport. Features 50 national teams and 32 clubs to choose from. Different game modes. Play in legendary stadiums such as the Nou Camp or Anfield. Promote to a higher division or get relegated. Daily challenges against players from all over the world. Customizable and improvable players thanks to the over 130 objects you can choose from.

Mini Football Head Soccer For Windows Download

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