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Up to 5 races are battling it out for order and chaos. You'll have to choose which one you're going to belong to and decide which skills and talents you're going to take profit of. Your success in Order & Chaos Online a 3D MMORPG that takes you to a huge world of fantasy. Main features Create and play with up to 4 different characters. Choose between elves and humans (who fight for order) orcs and undead (who fight for chaos) and Mendels (neutral parties). Over 1 000 skills and 3 000 different objects. Interact with a huge community of player to face them or create alliances. Over 1 200 missions. Move around a wide range of settings. Manage to unlock achievements. An exciting multiplayer game. You'll live exciting and deadly battles to reach victory in a world full of dangers as well as magic. Enter this world and make the most of all the entertainment possibilities offered by this online multiplayer game.

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