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There are cases that be it due to an accident or a computer malfunction important information is lost something that in the long run could end up having catastrophic consequences. To be able to prevent this kind of case you can use Recover My Files. Recover all your deleted data The basic idea behind Recover My Files is to analyze all the hard drives and storage units of a computer in search of deleted data that can be recovered separating each type of data into different sections depending on the type of file. Once the data that is going to be recovered is found the user will only have to indicate it to the program to make sure that they are available once again. Likewise Recover My Files can also be used to be able to recover complete hard drives that have been fully deleted even if they have been formatted. Thanks to the fact that Recover My Files separates the data into 350 different types of files the users will have the possibility to filter the results to locate the deleted files that they are looking for in a much easier way. Download Recover My Files to be able to recover your lost data.

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