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In the Digital Era it is becoming more common each day to have all or nearly all of the files stored on the hard drive of your computer and since the hard drives have grown to storage dimensions that nobody could even imagine a few years ago thus making it easier for the users to one or more of their files if they aren't cataloged properly. To be able to dodge that error you can use Daminion. All your multimedia files within your grasp. The main use of Daminion is to catalog all the multimedia contents of a computer be it video music or photograph files but as well as this it can also be used to catalog PDF files. Once you start using Daminion and catalog all the files it will be a lot easier to be able to access them because by means of its advanced search and filtering system it will be a very easy to make it show only the files that you want to see. Daminion allows the possibility to read and modify many of the metadata details of the files that it is compatible with in such a way that they will be even easier to find. It also offers the possibility to optimize photographs to be able to upload them to services like Flickr and Facebook or insert them in a PowerPoint presentation. What formats does it support? Images: JPEG TIFF PSD PNG ICO BMP... Videos: MOV WMV AVI DivX FLV MKV MP4... Audio: MP3 OGG WAV... What's more Daminion reads the RAW image format from many photograph cameras transforming it into a very interesting tool for any professional photographer. Therefore if you want to have a program that will allow you to catalog all your multimedia collection in a very simple and easy way download Daminion.

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