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If there is a subject that that majority of children normally find difficult that has to be physics. Both the interaction between the objects as well as the gravity that has a direct influence on them are thing that they normally find difficult to understand and assimilate. But now there is a solution that is a lot more fun to be able to learn physics Algodoo. Learn while you play The basic concept behind Algodoo the direct successor of Phun is that children learn physics while they are having a good time. And for this purpose both the graphics as well as the handling of the application make Algodoo seem like a drawing program. Algodoo offers us all kinds of drawing tools to create the objects with the possibility to create almost anything that the user can imagine with a little bit of time and furthermore it has a tool that makes it very easy to create surfaces. Another interesting thing about Algodoo is the way in which it associates one object to another because it does so by means of hinges. Use it in the classroom Algodoo hasn't only been designed to be used by children in a house it has also been designed to be used in a classroom. Specially now that children have more access to computers at school. Can you imagine drawing physics experiments with your fingers? But as well as this Algodoo has been implemented to be used with smart boards and tactile screens in such a way that it will be possible to draw objects by simply moving your fingers. Therefore if you want to have access to one of the best educational tools to teach physics that at the same is a very entertaining game for children to draw and learn download Algodoo.

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