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The software will allow you to print your documents by means of the universal printing driver system by Microsoft. Image Printer is a virtual printer capable of working with any software application that allows you to print documents and is capable of managing images in several formats. Save documents in any image format This software is compatible with a vast mount of formats like BMP PNG TIFF JPG and PDF and it's only necessary to authorize the installation of its own controller to be able to start using it. The amount of RAM memory that this software application uses is relatively low. Furthermore it is an open source project so you will even have the possibility to be able to help in the development of its code. It's always handy to have this kind of alternative available even more so when it comes to printing. That is why it's convenient to have an application like Virtual ImagePrinter with which you will have a simple and efficient virtual printing application capable of solving the main tasks of this type.

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