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The people dedicated to the world of data and statistics usually require complex analysis tools. Nevertheless Statgraphics is a product that doesn't waive the advanced features of these statistical calculus and analysis programs at the same time that it offers a work environment that is accessible to people that aren't statisticians. Statgraphics is made up by various tools dedicated to making it easier to work with this science: Components of Statgraphics Centurion 17 StatReporter: organize the results to publish them. StatWizard: assistant to configure the type of analysis that is convenient for your data. StatLink: analyze the data and conclusions obtained with different data sources. StatAdvisor: know the result of your statistical analyses. StatPublish: saves the output from the software to view it in a web browser. StatGallery: share multiple data by means of graphics. StatFolios: saves the analyses in a file to repeat them if necessary. Six Sigma Toolbox: pack of tools to implement Six Sigma programs. A reliable software application Statgraphics is ideal to work in corporate environments where it's necessary to carry out a quick yet in-depth analysis of data. It's compatible with many different data formats like SF6 SGM SF3 SFX SF ASF SGP XLS XML TXT CSV DAT EDF DBF DIF WK and 123 that are the standard formats to compile data. Download Statgraphics and get hold of a solvent tool to work with data and statistics.

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