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Sokoban is an addictive game in which we will have to move a set of balls to place them in the appropriate position. A task that won't be as easy as it may seem due to the fact that it will only be possible to push the balls forward. This is a very interesting logic challenge. The classic Japanese puzzle game If two balls are placed beside the wall forget about moving them. If two balls run into each other in a passage forget about moving them. Thus it will only be possible to finish the levels pushing the balls moving round in circles and trying not to block any something that will become rather difficult as we progress in the game. Furthermore to increase its addictiveness Sokoban saves the movements that we have used to complete a level so another challenge that we can have another go at each level trying to decrease the number of movements. Sokoban appeared in Japan in 1980 and became popular very quickly due to the simplicity of its rules and how addictive it is. Its name means “Warehouse manager” in Japanese and it really represents the idea behind the game because the game consists of organizing everything using the shortest path.

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