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Reading a book is probably one of the greatest pleasures that you can enjoy in your free time probably second to drinking a beer or two with your friends. Reading is a great habit that you should never lose but encourage instead. And that's where technology can also give us a helping hand as usual. Let's suppose that you're working or studying and you've got some free time to read but no books at hand. Don't worry: if you've got a Surface or a Windows computer at your reach you can continue enjoying your favorite books thanks to Bookviser Reader the ePub reader for Windows 10 that also supports FB2 and TXT files. Furthermore we can even consider Bookviser as an alternative to Freda another popular electronic book reader that can be downloaded for Windows. However both applications share common features. For instance they are both free to download but offer a premium model that includes the following functions: Text-to-voice conversion. Text highlighting. Different wallpapers. Different page textures for virtual books. Customized categories. To be able to make the most of all the latter you'll have to fulfill the activation protocol that the app will show you if you decide to pay for the extra functions. How to download books with Bookviser Reader? For such purpose there are two possible solutions: either search for books in ePub format on your own account and then upload them from your hard drive or use the online libraries that the app incorporates. The second option is obviously the most comfortable of the two. However here all the titles are in English so if you're looking for references in other languages you're probably better off searching for the eBooks by yourself.

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