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Ancient Rome was one of the most exciting periods in the history of mankind. Its legacy was enormous with a huge mythology that now stars in Gods of Rome the Gameloft title that represents battles between gods from the Roman pantheon. A real battle between Gods In this fighting game for Windows the main characters are Roman Gods and other mythological or historical characters closely related to Rome: Zeus Hades Vulcan Spartacus Atlas Medusa... They are all part of a team of fighters that will have to battle it out against each other. Face up against al the gods of the Roman pantheon. Features 3D graphics. Wide range of fighters including monsters heroes gods and legendary characters in Roman history. Travel around different maps to complete your mission of defeating Tenebrous. Defeat your rivals and earn rewards to improve your pantheon with new skills. Unlock mystical prizes and special rewards. Now that you know choose the game's best characters and embark on the wildest Roman adventure you've ever seen.

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