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Plastic soldiers are some real classic toys. At some point millions of kids have imagined epic adventures and war situations that they have recreated. Whether you're a child or not you can carry on playing with these toys thanks to The Mean Greens. A fierce war featuring plastic soldiers. It's a third-person shooter that is played from the point of view of toy soldiers. Together with other online gamers you can take part in battles of up to 10 players at once on different maps and settings. Main features of The Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare 10 game modes. 10 different maps. 6 weapons. 5 vs 5 multiplayer battles. Voice and text chat support. The game places us on a peculiar graphical scenario that recreates rooms full of toys. Furthermore the game's requirements aren't too demanding so other than a broadband connection you're not going to need much more than your Windows 7 computer.

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