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If you want to protect your identity when you browse the Internet the best thing you can do is connect to the Tor network by means of the browser developed specifically for such purpose: Tor Browser. Browse the web anonymously. This privacy of this communications network is based on how it routes the different packages using the so-called onion routing method giving name to the network which is an acronym of The Onion Router. Modified version of Firefox This browser in particular offers us a simple way to access to this network by means of a Firefox mode. It protects the user by making his communications bounce over a distributed network maintained by volunteers all over the world to avoid anyone from spying your Internet connect and see what content you consume as well as not allowing any site to know your physical location. The popularity of this browser has grown over the last few years with the spying scandals of some governmental agencies so it wouldn't be a bad idea to start becoming familiar with Tor Browser.

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