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The application that became one of the most popular Windows Phone apps Tubecast now also has its own client for Windows 10 with which we can enjoy our favorite contents on Google's video site straight from our computer's desktop or send them to other devices through Chromecast or Apple TV. Main features of Tubecast for YouTube Watch videos in maximum quality including Full HD QHD and 4K as well videos in 360. Play the audio of videos even with your PC screen locked. Possibility to download videos from YouTube. Option to subscribe to channels save videos to watch them later or bookmark as favorites. Devices compatible with Tubecast Thanks to this YouTube client not only will you be able to watch PewDiePie's videos on you PC but also on many other compatible devices: Xbox One and Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 Chromecast Apple TV AirPlay Smart TV Roku Amazon Fire

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